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thanks for the laugh man, i needed it after that miracle shot.

The SU game was hardly disgraceful. I am extrememly proud of my team after the way they battled back TWICE against the best team in the nation on their home court. UA didnt play bad except for about a 5-10 min period at cal. Cal just played out of their heads and won.

Now as for March, just tell me you arent scared of Arizona as a 6 seed (very possible). If you know much at all about UA basketball, which i dont think you do, you would know how our game chnges when we are big underdogs.

Yeah that's right March, because there's no way this horrible team is still playing in April.
:rolleyes: if you ever feel like discussing arizona basketball, go to

By the way, I would reserve judgement of this team's tourney chances until they are seeded. Any speculation is merely that.

This is a young team. Like I said in a thread before, they will be characterized by ups and downs. The SU game is a microcosom of this, First they're down by 15, then up by 5. You are bashing us during the lows, but ready to place your foot firmly in your mouth when we hit the highs again. (reference: Texas, Cal, Ore, @ASU)
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