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I'm bored waiting for the season to pick up again. One of my favorite Wofford players transferred to the Spiders, so that's going to be fun to watch him in the A10.
As to Dayton, it's like one can't escape. The next round of the TBT is in Dayton if the X team makes it that far. It'll surely bring out the rabid Flyer fans to root against them. Should be fun.

The posts above about spelling are a reference to one of the all-time great video clips in this board's history...Fayers 😅

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So VCU needed two OOC games to complete the schedule. Here is one of the two. I have to say that the expectations to land a P5 or good neutral site game is looking bleak. CORRECTION-I am hearing they will schedule 13 games so 3 more to go. There is still hope.
OOC Opponents
Morgan State- Nov 12th
Pittsburgh- Legends Classic- Nov 16th
Legends Classic (Michigan / Arizona State)- Nov 17th
Kennesaw State-Nov 26th
@ Temple-Dec 3rd
Jax-Dec 7
Radford-Dec 14th
Northern Illinois-Dec 17th
Navy December-21st
Vanderbilt ?
7521 - 7540 of 7625 Posts