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I think we should keep the guys that we have intact. I would like to see Swift signed and play as Pau's back up and as starting center on occasions. I think Swift is too valuable to give up.

I also don't think there is a center out there that I like besides possibly obtaining Dampier. I don't think that we will be able to pry Dampier away from the Warriors. Players with his size don't come around too oftet.

Basically if jake plays up to his size and capabilities then I think the team will be in a great position to take a step forward. I often said that I like Ratliff be I admit I spoke with haste. He is not the guy for the job. The team needs a guy that can take up space. And that is not something that he does well.

I really have grown to like the team we have and I am willing to let this season play out and wait for next season to make possible deals with other teams. This team has a very unique style of play that differs from any other team and using that style is the best way the team will be able to get ahead. Besides most big men are overpriced and are limited to what they can do.
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