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OK. The moment you've been waiting for. (or not).

The only restriction I put on this is that I won't answer questions that would reveal information I hold in confidence as an obligation for someone else. Obviously, confidential client information is out. I have promised my partners in this site that business/site information is confidential, etc. Otherwise, no quarter asked, no quarter given.

Go for it.

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I had 25 questions written up, press submit reply and get the site is being worked on crap.

Did you know that the site was going down TB#1?

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What is the worst emotional hurt you've ever experienced?

When my wife and I suffered through a stillbirth with a 38 week pregnancy (40 weeks is "full term")

who is your best friend, and why?

My college roommate Pat. We started rooming together about October of Freshman year (we both had roommates we hated) and remained roommates throughout the rest of college. He was the best man at my wedding and is godfather to my daughter. In 2 weeks I'll be best man at his wedding.

How did you become involved with this site, and whyt have you stuck around?

Link through Never posted on a message board before. Within 3 weeks, robyg1974 invited me to be a mod. A couple months later, Ron asked me to be a CM. Then TBF invited me to be an admin and part owner. And its a great site with great people.

If you HAD to choose one or the other (can't say neither) would you choose to suck all the snot out of a dog's nose until its head caved in or slide down a 50 foot razor blade on your tongue?

The consensus seems to be "snot." BTW, the question is lifted from an old Life in Hell comic

Do you believe in God? Discuss in detail your beliefs and the depth of your faith (if you have faith).

When I was in school, I was a doubter. Life has taught me otherwise. I'm a believer. I realized that I always prayed in times of need and came to terms with the fact that it was hypocritical to claim to be agnostic when times are good and ask for strength and pray for help in bad times.

regardless of your answer to the above question, assume for purposes of this qustion that the Bible is literally true. If so, did Adam and Eve have bellybuttons?

No. Besides the fact that their manner of creation means no bellybutton was necessary, the bellybutton is a scar and Adam and Eve were born without sin or flaw.

To whom do you owe the biggest apology that you've never expressed to him/her?

My Parents, for not trying as hard as I could in school and causing them all sorts of grief as a result.

Why haven't you?

Actually, I kind of have. I'm pretty good about apologizing to people when I know I've done them wrong. Plus, I made up for lost time by being a late bloomer and making it through law school.

Who is your everyday role model? How has he/she inspired you?

I had a boss early on who taught me that I could reporesent a client's interests and retain my integrity at the same time. I always appreciated that lesson.

What other music do you like outside of rap? Be specific.

I don't listen to much rap. I like all sorts of music and am a huge collector. Mostly "classic rock." I like the Grateful Dead and jam bands. I like blues, jazz, reggae. I like punk and some metal. Not country, so much.

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy which, outside of the course of passion, is embarassing to you? Please describe.

Just like everyone, I have fantasized about women who are dating or married to friends. Bad, bad TB#1.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years, in terms of career, family, social, living arangements, location, etc.

House in La Grange or Hinsdale, Il. Oldest kid starting HS. Partner in a law firm.

What single experience has helped you grow the most?

4 way tie between getting married, losing a baby, having 3 wonderful, healthy kids and graduating law school.

Who do you love?

My wife and kids (ages 3 1/2, 2 and 5 months

What's your hairstyle?

clippered at the sides and back, slightly longer and parted on top. Sandy blonde or light brown

What kind of clothes do you wear?

Suits most days. Tie dye t-shirt, shorts and sandles whenever I can.

What will you miss most about HS?

Having free time and disposable inclome

What will you miss least about HS?

Being at a strict, all-boys Catholic School (Fenwick -- now co-ed -- in Oak Park, class of 1984)

Does the universe have an outside boundary? if so, describe what, if anything, is outside that boundary. If it is nothing, how far does nothing extend?

Yes. The universe is expanding into nothingness. Nothing is infinity.

When is the last time you cried? What caused you to do so?

See answer to question #1

Provide details about the last time you were intoxicated.

Its not the last time, but one that always sticks out in my head. As a college freshman, I was into speed chugging beer for bets. I was pretty good. One night, I was cocky and chugged 7 & 7's instead against other guys drinking beer. I did deveral of these in a short period of time, thinking I was such a stud because I wasn't feeling a buzz. Well, I walked down the hall toward the bathroom and suddenly, it was like I was on a ship at sea. Everything spun around and I crashed into a wall and onto the ground. Sobor to falling down in a snap. Lets just say the evening went downhill from there.

Provide details about a sexual experience you regret.

I messed around once with a married woman. Didn't "do the deed" -- I ended up feeling too guilty -- but we did mess around. I deeply regret that.

Tell us about a former good friend who you now hate. Why? What happened?

I had a roommate when I was in law school who I wsa friends with before we agreed to share an apartment. He was a pig to live with, had an older, extremely high maintenance girlfriend who abused her visiting privileges and midway through the lease, he lost his job and ended up skipping out on a ton of bills.

Give us a short description of your brothers/sisters/parental units/ and significant adults in your life. Give enough detail so we have an idea of who they really are.

My dad is a dentist, now semi-retired. My mom worked in the bridal industry for a number of years. My sister is a nurse. She has three kids as well.
Do you ever read books? If so, what kind of books do you like?

I llike to read. I grew up reading tons of science fiction. Now its mostly history, politics, biographies, science. Right now I'm reading a fairly interesting history of Wrigley Field. I'm looking forward to the new Harry Potter.

Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

Mr, Loche, in H.S. He taught business law, sociology and psychology. I took all three classes. He was kind of grumpy, but he was involved in local politics and it was easy to get him off subject and spend the class talking about current events. Got me interested in the law.

Who was your least favorite teacher? Why?

Most any math teacher I ever had. I hate math

What do you want to study in school?
Unless I take a class at night just for the heck of it, I'm done with school. I wouldn't mind taking some music theory and composition courses.

Do you like James Brown? Why or why not?

I dig the Godfather of Soul.

Tell the story of a crime you weren't cought for.

When I was a teenager with a bad attitude I shoplifted comic books and stuff.

What is the detail about you as a person that you most are afraid to tell us about?

I am a procrastinator.

list your top ten favorite foods.

Deep dish pizza, ribs, macaroni & cheese, Boston Market creamed spinich, buffalo wings, ice cream, horseradish encrusted steak, Snickers, blue cheese stuffed olives, brownies.

Describe the last physical fight you were in.

8th grade. I ended up breaking a finger punching my friend in the face.

Have you ever dealt with an unwanted pregnancy? If so, how did you deal with it? Were you the dad?

The closest I came is I wasn't sure I wanted a third kid. But my wife got pregnant and now I'm glad we have him

In the grand, universal scheme of things, do your individual actions matter?

Yes. I'm not an existentialist. I believe you are judged by your actions and I also believe that you affect everything around you, which affects other things, and so on, in a ripple effect.

If a tree falls in a forest and there is noone there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The tree's motion will create soundwaves in the air.

What does it mean "To Be"

You exist by virtue of your physical presence. From an inner sense, your soul and intellect seek fulfillment.

Can you be truly happy on this Earth? How?

Our Hearts are Restless until they Rest in You, Oh Lord." -- St. Augustine

How many licks does it take to get to to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?


Does the US government lie to us? If so, what do you think they are lying about?

I don't think the government out and out lies as much as people seem to believe. But I do think there's an awful lot of spin that goes on.

What is your deepest desire? Do you believe you will ever attain your deepest desire?

Our Hearts are Restless until they Rest in You, Oh Lord." -- St. Augustine. I believe I will.

Do you have any pets? If so, what? If not, do you want ptets? If you do want pets, what would you like?

8 Year old border collie names Cassidy

Do you respect George W. Bush? Why or why not?

He showed true leadership post 9/11 and I support his efforts in the middle east. Hope he can get a better grip on the economy though. A little disappointed in the whole weopons of mass destruction fiasco, but I still think its a good result.

Did you respect Bill Clinton? Why or why not?

No. He wasn't a bad president, but he lied and applied more spin to more stories than any other elected official I can remember, from his military service, to the drug question to the whitewater situation to Monica. Slick Willy indeed. In sum, I can't stand people who are in capable of giving a straight answer. Especially people whe have a responsibility to keep me informed and give me a straight answer.

Do you read newspapers? Do you watch the evening news? How closely do you follow what's going on in the world.

Every day I follow as closely as I can. I'm usually not home in time to watch the News Hour with Jim Lehrer on PBS, but that's my favorite news program.

Describe an event that changed your life forever.

4 way tie between getting married, losing a baby, having 3 wonderful, healthy kids and graduating law school.

What is your favorite color?


Do you believe there is intellegent life in the universe beyond Earth?
Yes. The universe is just too huge to believe otherwise

Science would state that true "miracles" don't happen. Agree or disagree?

disagree. But I do think there's a lot of stuff that happens that people call miracles that aren't and other things people don't recognize are miracles that are.

Is the concept of a death penalty for certain horrific crimes just?


Do you believe in a right to abortion? Why or why not?

No, with the exceptopn of rape and incest. I believe in a woman's right to make decisions about her body and about when to be pregnant. I just believe the right to choose must occur at an earlier time than pro-abortionists do. Unwanted preganancy is a 100% preventable problem.

When does "life" begin?

At conception.

Have you ever considered military service? Why or why not?

As a young guy, I never did. I had a problem with authority and the idea of some hick drill sergeant in my face wasn't appealing. If I had to do it over I'd consider it, since service could have defrayed a lot of my education expenses.

Does the universe have a quantifiable beginning, middle and end? Does itrepeat infinitiely? Discuss.

Yes. It began with a bang. The universe is expanding. There is controvery as to whether it will continue to expand, will eventually lose momentum and stagnate or will eventually collapse back on itself. Can't say with certainty which I believe will happen.

Is the concept of God as the uncaused cause who set the universe in motion, but Who Himself had no beginning a copout, circular arguement?

I believe the "uncaused cause" explanation, often used as a "proof" for the existence of God, is a faulty explanation. That doesn't mean that I don't believe in God or that I don't understand that there must be a breakdown of cause and effect as it applies to the most macro analysis of the universe. I just find the "uncaused cause" rationale to be somewhat weak as a "proof."

Is there such a thing as destiny?

I believe in free will. On the other hand, God made you who you are and already knows the path you choose.

If you were bathing in an African river and encountered an angry looking hippo, what would you do to get away?

Anything I could. Hippos are nasty.

Is there a "natural law" such that there is a universally objectively quantifiable rule of right or wrong, or is morality ultimately relative?

I got an award in law school for a paper defending the somewhat out of style concept of "natural law" as opposed to moral relativism

Is it possible to exceed the speed of light? explain.

No. At speeds approaching C it takes too much energy to continue to accellerate as mass and density increase as a result of accelleration.

Is light measurable as a particle or a wave or both, depending on the circumstances? Explain.

Light has characteristics of both a particle and a wave, but cannot be measured as both at the same time. Look up the "Schroedinger's Cat" paradox for more info on the mysteries of quantum mechanics.

Can democracy exist without an underlying economic system based on capitalism?

In theory, I believe some type of socialism could co-exist with a democratic system of government, but overall I think a free economy fits better. But I'll defer to NCBullsFan and MikeDC, our resident economists, if they have an opinion on the matter.

Until very recently, the US had a very good track record in major, large scale military conflicts (see WWI and WWII), but an abysmal record in limited engagement conflicts (see all such limited wars, from the Seminole Wars in Florida up through VietNam). Please explain past successes and failures, and describe the changes in circumstance that led to greater success in recent Middle East conflicts?

Historically, the United States basic military philosophy followed the premises established by Carl von Clausowitz, who advocated massive, sweeping, decisive battles using overwhelming force. This, coupled with a concept of maintaining a clear distinction between military combatants and civilians, and a public distaste for protracted conflicts, made fighting limited intensity conflicts particularly confounding. For example, we won about every face to face conventional battle fought in viet nam. Yet we lost the war, because we were ill equipped to handle the unconventional forces, hostile civilians and long term occupation. Modernization of military philosophy and a better educated public has helped us overcome some of these weaknesses.

Does Isreal deserve to retain its state? Do the Palastinians deserve a homeland in the same ares? How do they strike a balance that's fair?

Isreal must learn to co-exist with its neighbors. Isreal has to understand that it is enforcing a 2,000 year old claim to land and that other people have called that same area home in the interum. Palestinians have to help their own cause by avoiding the bloody attacks that serve as obstacles to peace.

Do ends justify the means?


What does the "33" on a bottle of Rolling Rock signify?

Best guess is it is a copy writer's error. There are 33 words on the label above the #33. Somebody noted that on a draft of the label and it got left on the final copy.

And last, but not least, please predict the NBA champion for the years 2004-2014.

Go Bulls. Minimum 10-peat!

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Originally posted by <b>TomBoerwinkle#1</b>!


And think about baseball.
Hey, Baseball is sexy.

Hmm, question.


How much do you love Petey?


Petey who?

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Originally posted by <b>Hollis</b>!
Who's your favorite poster?

I have a lot of favorite posters for different reasons. NCBullsFan for his economic knowledge. KingofKings for his essays. E. Slim for his music posts. Bruno the Questioable on the game threads. Lizzy is another personal favorite.

Who's your favorite mod?

Vin Diesel

Who's your favorite CM?

Tought to call. Probably Mikedc, since I recommended him to be a CM[/color]

Who's your favorite admin?

Thu're all my boyz, but I'll say I'm closest to TBF

*and don't tell me you don't have favorites...and no choosing yourself!;)

Do you regret anything in life?

My wife and I regret the loss of a 38 week pregnancy in 1998. Totally unexplained.

More to come...

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Originally posted by <b>allenive21</b>!
I had 25 questions written up, press submit reply and get the site is being worked on crap.

Did you know that the site was going down TB#1?
No idea. I stay away from the tech stuff.

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Tom, if you could have 3 things in life, what would they be?

I have most of what I could ever ask for -- a great family, a nice house, health, etc.

I guess I would want:

Enough financial security to allow myself more free time

To live long enough to see grandkids grow up


chalupas for everyone!

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what is the greatest lesson that life has taught you thus far?

A couple of things:

My wife and I can get through anything together


It truly is worthwhile and important to conduct yourself like a gentleman (gentleperson), with a sense of honor, loyalty and honesty. Your word and your reputation should be sacred to you.

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Tom...Who do you love more:

[strike]A.Your wife

B.Your Mistress

C.Your Ho

D. I love them all the same--especially when we all together. [/strike]

C'mon Tommy!! Come On Wid It Meeein!!!:D

Don't Be Scuuuuuuuuuured!!!!

Pimpsy, I love ya, man, but don't talk about my wife like that. Its disrespectful to her.

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What kind of clothes do you wear?

Suits most days. Tie dye t-shirt , shorts and sandles whenever I can.
Hah! I knew it! :D :laugh:

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years, in terms of career, family, social, living arangements, location, etc.
House in La Grange or Hinsdale, Il. Oldest kid starting HS. Partner in a law firm.
My cousins live in Hinsdale- nice town. Come to Elmhurst though- it's better.:D ;)

I grew up in Western Springs (I live in Palos Hills now). I went to Fenwick HS in Oak Park, which draws from all over. A couple of my best friends from high school lived in Elmhurst.

Ok, I got a couple questions of my own:

-What inspired you to write that huuuuge set of questions on the "ask chops anything" thread? Was some sort of controlled substance involved in any way? ;) :p

I was home watching tv and using my laptop. I WAS sipping on a vodka and tonic, but I wasn't in any way intoxicated. It was equal parts being a smart aleck and realizing that a wide survey of questions may be useful to shed some real light about the person answering. I had some personal questions. Some of the questions touched on such things as existentialism, metaphysics, science, history, politics, etc. Wanted to see how in touch he was with some deeper thinking. Then I threw in some bizarre questions (the hippo, etc. just to see what kind of reaction I'd get. It was fun, and apparently, a lot of other folks found the question set intreguing.

-You went to Loyola, right? Did you enjoy your college experience? What was your best memory from college?

Yes, I enjoyed my college experience. I liked being in a city school, but missed having a football team. I was there the year we went to the tourny. Best memory? Staying up late BSing with my friends.

-What do you know about the University of Florida's reputation in the buisness world? (I'll be going there next year)

I know their sports reputation. Don't know much else about the Gators. Good luck. Moderation is the key.

-Who's your favorite Bull ever, besides Jordan and Tom Boerwinkle?

Tie between Scottie Pippen and Norm Van Lier.

Or is it Ed Nealy and Jack Haley?

Dave Corzine anyone?

No...gotta be Norm and Pip.

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Originally posted by <b>Petey</b>!

Hey, Baseball is sexy.

Hmm, question.


How much do you love Petey?


Petey who?
Oh man, that's cold. NO MORE QUESTIONS FROM PETEY!


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Originally posted by <b>TomBoerwinkle#1</b>!

Just kidding, my friend. Lothing but love for Petey. I'm still using your mouse!
So it's a Lothing Love, isn't that like the love to hate me? If not, I still don't need the pity love!


Whoops/Nothing but love...

man, all this drama. Are you sure you weren't one of my Jr high girlfriends?

Also, note that I AM in your fan club. There's the love.

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What scares you the most? Besides having something happen to a family member.

I fear at being average, or worse, not being good enough, at anything I do

What is the hardest job you have ever had?

Tough. It depends on how you define it. Caddying was a hard job for a skinny 8th grader. Working in a fish shop kinda sucked. Being a lawyer can be pretty damn difficult sometimes.

If you had to kill yourself to save the lives of two strangers would you do it?

No. My wife or kids, yes. Strangers, no.

What was the funniest that happened to you in your life?

Hmm. Can't really think of anything right now. Sorry.
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