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Atlanta Hawks Trade...

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--Hawks Get--
Mike Miller
Jud Beuchler

--Magic Get--
Alan Henderson

C-Theo Ratliff 6-10 230
PF-Shareef Abdur-Rahim 6-9 230
SF-Mike Miller 6-8 218
SG-DerMarr Johnson 6-9 201
PG-Jason Terry 6-2 176

C-Steven Hunter 6-10 224
PF-Alan Henderson 6-9 240
SF-Grant Hill 6-8 225
SG-Tracy Mcgrady 6-9 210
PG-Darrell Armstrong 6-1 180
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This trade sucks

Why would Orlando trade a Rookie of the Year for a bench warming bum?:no: :confused:
Re: Re: This trade sucks

Originally posted by kansasalumn

I want to know YOUR REASON why you think this trade sucks. You said this trade sucks, and you asked a question. I want to know your answer. I want to know why you think it sucks.

Personally, I think the trade is okay. Most people need to understand that Terry played mostly SG last season. I think he has a career at a SG.

I personally think Atlanta stole Miller with Henderson if this trade holds true. Miller has so much upside!
Bottomline: This trade sucks for Orlando. They could get a way better player for Mike Miller than Henderson. No doubt about it, it's a rip off.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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