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Hey all, squid here from the Colonial Hoops blog/twitter. I've been making some GW-related T-shirts and other merch for a while and got the idea to make fun of the conference, since it's neither Atlantic nor 10. So I made these using the old school conference logo, and added other A10 school colors like red, yellow, blue, brown, green, etc. And if it's missing a color you'd like, let me know and I'll see if I can add them. I had two do two different shirts to get the colors, not each shirt had all the colors. Check them out!

Blues, red, maroon, gray, khaki, etc.

Yellow, brown, green, more blues, grays, etc.

Some examples below:

Outerwear Sleeve Grey T-shirt Active shirt

Product Azure Sleeve Sportswear T-shirt

Jersey Sleeve Grey Baby & toddler clothing Sportswear

Product Sleeve Grey Sportswear Baby & toddler clothing

Product Azure Sleeve Grey T-shirt
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