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Hey all,

Some shameless self-promotion here from a fellow Patriot League fan! My two friends and I in DC have been doing a podcast, the AU Hoops Podcast, for the last two years. As Eagles fans, the podcast focuses heavily on AU of course, but we also comprehensively cover the Patriot League — talking storylines, previewing games against fellow PL teams like Lehigh, including insights from our media sessions, and having guests such as David Aldridge, coaches from teams around the league, and more.

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can find us on iTunes by searching “AU Hoops.” You can also find all our episodes (28 and counting) at Our latest episode is our massive season preview, and during the league season we record weekly.

Sorry to spam, and go Patriot League!!

— Jake Lloyd
@jakelam2116 on Twitter
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