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For one, Brandon Robinson keeps reinjuring his ankle. It happened again early on here against bama, and it happened after Auburn took the lead against Vandy a week and a half ago. When he goes down in a game, it hurts.

Secondly, this Auburn team can't beat a zone worth a flop. When a team gets out of a zone, we are awesome, but when Auburn goes against a zone, they look horrible and have no chemistry whatsoever.

I think that's one reason that Auburn was able to put on a nice run to the Sweet 16 last year, and nearly the Elite 8. Those out of conference teams didn't know really how to defend Auburn, so Auburn was able to play at their best.

The SEC teams know how to defend us. Until this team learns to break a zone, we will not win many SEC games.

Ellis has done a decent job. We've been to two Sweet 16's in 5 years and have the 3rd most wins in the SEC behind UK and UF over that time span, but I think Auburn needs a fresh start at the top.
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