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Apparently Bradley's looking like he'll be back around the start of next month. Can't happen soon enough, this team badly needs a shot in the arm.

Though he didn't want to commit firmly to the timetable, Ainge suggested Bradley could return after the Celtics' post-Christmas West Coast trip, which concludes on Dec. 30 against the Sacramento Kings. Additionally, Ainge said the team will consider sending Bradley up to Portland, Maine, to play in a handful of rehab games with the Red Claws before he returns.

"I think our timetable is to get him back probably after the West Coast trip," Ainge said. "I mean, that's hopeful. I hate doing timetables, but we are getting closer, and he is looking good. We'd like to get him practicing, and we're going to contemplate the possibility of some rehab games in Portland, maybe one or two. Maybe none. But we'll be really careful with Avery."

According to that timeline, the earliest Bradley might see game action this season would be Jan. 2 at home against the Memphis Grizzlies.
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