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After some posters felt that Bags is getting too hard a time on the boards, I gave the issue some thought. These posters are right: Bags is a nearly legit project perfect for hiding on the inactive roster. Bags gets some heat b/c he is the poster child reflecting Krause's bad habits which are:

1.) Trying to be smarter than every other GM

Big Jake, a consensis lottery pick in the mocks, was just sitting there for Jerry. Too obvious. Let's go with the unknown guy to grab some glory.

2.) Unwilling to trade his draft picks

We had something like 6 picks in the top 30 the year that Bags was drafted. Brand and Artest were fine picks, but after Bags heads back to EuroLand we have gained all of a future 2nd round pick for the other 4 selections. I guess trading for Denis Hopson for a 1st or trading future picks for Brice Drew could make anyone a little gun-shy, but seems like this is a option that other GMs use to their advantage.

3.) Unbalanced rosters

I think most GMs limit themselfes to a few projects or really raw players. I think we had at least 8 on our roster last year. Looks like we will have C&C, Craw, Jwill, Hassel, Mason, Hassel, Baxter, Fizer, Erob, & Bags on the roster this year. I am all for a youth program, but this is ridiculous. Jerry, sign some cheap vets and trade some of the excess.

4.) Putting young players in positions that they can not succeed.

Fizer playing SF his first year comes to mind. Bags should not have been the backup center last year. The guy was toast.

5.) Talking about his player's physicall attributes.

O.k. This is really comical, and I don't really want Jerry to change. Seems like this really started with Brand's big hands and no Neck. Or maybe with Pippen's wingspan. Ok, i get that Bags is a Huge young man, but I just don't need to hear it from my GM each time he mentions the kid.

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The fact that Bags is a dud has been beat to death on this board, and I can't disagree (but would love to be surprised).

However, the "posterchild for Krause's bad habits" is, and always will be Dickie Simpkins.

JK's habit of drafting relatively unheralded 6'10" 250 pound power forwards in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough and proving himself to be "the sleuth" as Mariotti calls him has caused me to shake my head on draft night more times than I would like to remember.

I guess Bags is another example of the same pattern, and the pattern pre and post dated Dickie, but for some reason, in my heart of hearts, Simpkins will always be the prototype JK power forward buster.:sigh: :sour: :dead: :mad::cry:
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