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Originally posted by <b>UKBlueInMyBlood</b>!
So, the question on every UK fan's mind is this, "Was the last game a fluke, or was it Barbour's break out game?"

Hopefully he has finally broken out of whatever shell he was in and will be able to contribute for the rest of the year. No one expects him to hit 4 out of 5 from deep every game, but if he did it sure would be GREAT! The confidence that Tubby showed in him by leaving him in after a couple of mistakes early in the Ole Miss game really turned the game around for Antwain. KEEP ROLLIN AB! We are cheering for you!

I think this is a 'growing up' game for Barbour. All of Barbour's three's were wide open because of either the other team doubling down on Chuck or he cut back-door and his man got picked. He's regaining confidence in his shot, and has gotten it back. His defense also came back. Now maybe his all-around game will come back. If he keeps playing this way and improving, expect him to move into the starting line-up in place of Kelenna. Why? Because Barbour is a senior. Also, if he keeps improving, he'll be a hell of a starter. Kelenna would make a better sixth man for this year as well. But for any of this to happen, Barbour has to keep improving. Keep it up Barbour.
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