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Baron Davis????????

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I DONT get why EVERYONE wants Miller when Davis is on the block as well,hes obviously the BETTER of the 2.

I think the Clipps should trade Odom and a couple of their lotto picks or just all 3 of their lotto picks for him.Hes from Cali and he would make them REALLY SCARY!
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Davis is by far the better player. He gets everyone involved, hits the 3 pointers, makes the mid-range shot, and makes....err....well he misses his free thorws, but oh well. Miller's games look good on the stat sheet, but in reality, he usually has quiet games. He doesn't score too many points, and his team was pretty bad. I don't really understand why there is all of this hype about him. Although, I do have to give him props for leading the league in assists, when he plays for the Cavs.
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