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Hey Bash people! Tomorrow night's the night! And just so no one can say I didn't warn ya, here's a recap of the schedule plus some other info you may find helpful:

Pre-Bash reception at Cucina! Cucina! at the Rose Quarter Commons. This reception is a "buy your own" affair, and all Bash attendees are welcome to attend.

Now that we're sufficiently loaded up, we'll head on into the Garden as the doors open and straight up to the sky-boxes. If you're not attending the pre-Bash reception, please try to arrive at the boxes (they're adjascent) around this time... because you just never know when the VIP's are gonna start dropping by (nudge-nudge, wink-wink).

Pre-game festivities, including more meet-and-greets amongst ourselves, VIP visits, in-box games (including a very special edition of Gramps' predictions game), signing up for door prizes, hooting, hollering, and - of course - more stuff to put in your tummies!


Door prizes awarded.

Prediction game prizes awarded. Post-Game get-together back at Cucina!?

What To Bring:
Your tickets - If you don't bring ANYthing else, bring those!
Cameras - Trust me, you're gonna want to bring one.
Signs - Hey, if you're the artistic type - or even if you're not - go for it!

See ya at the Bash!

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