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Bates continues to work his magic

In Green Bay this year, Bates has benefited from a healthy unit for the most part, and consistent play from the defensive line.

There's still great room for improvement beyond what Bates has done in nine weeks, but clearly there have been signs of the headway Bates has already made, especially in the run defense.

The game has changed since he played 40 years ago. He recalls his college defense having two fronts and three coverages: three-deep, man-to-man or blitz.

"The sophistication of the game with all the personnel groups, all the different formations, all the matchups, it is a much different game than it was 15, 20 years ago, especially 30 years ago," Bates said. "But the foundation to me, of football, is still fundamentals. Technique. As long as I have any part in the game, it will be the heaviest emphasized."

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Indeed. I've been very impressed with the defense this year. If you asked me at the start of the year who would be more impressive between the offense and defense I would have said easily the offense. The defense has more than held it's own and deserve more than 2 wins. Sure they have made mistakes and could get better but very impressive for Bates first year here with who he currently has.
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