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I know the past people in the W's head offices screwed up.. but can't we just turn the page of screw up's and just start a new page that makes us forget about the past 5 or 6 years.. come on people..

Look at the past 2 drafts that we got..

J-rich - very good potential

ARENAS- Vinney Johnson type high enegry player, not a true point, but can handle the rock and is still learning. Can score when needed.

T-muphy- A big man that can shoot from outside, can rebound, just needs more time and stregth training.

Now you add this years crop

Mike-D - I'm going out on a limb, but he is a bird type player. Can shoot, can handle the ball, can pass and most important has real basketball IQ,

Jiri- This cat has played 4-5 of pro ball in Europe, meaning he can step in a contribute right away, 6-6 combo guard that has handles, extremely good shooting, shot 65% FG ( READ THAT PEOPLE ) can play point and has skills

Steve Logan- Though only 5'10" or so.. can play the point real well, watched him when he was a cinci' The kid can ball.

Just add them to TWAN, and let them create some TEAM CHEMISTRY, and get rid of the unwanted and don't want to be hear players and you have a recipe for a team ready to come into its own.

Remember after next year, Sura and Mills' contracts are up.. freeing MILLIONS... read that..

So that is why I am optemistic about the W's.. I know it hurts watching them every year... but this is OUR team... the bayarea's ONLY basketball team.
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