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Nice article... explains what drove the Suns to finally play at their usual level after what seems like a long-*** time o_O Good read ^_^

Here's a small excerpt:

If things stand as they do now, the No. 2 Suns would open the playoffs the following weekend at home vs. the No. 7 Los Angeles Lakers, a team the Suns have dominated the past two years. This didn’t seem likely at halftime, when the Suns — playing their season’s worst basketball the past month — trailed 68-51 and seemed dead in the water.

That’s when Raja Bell gave what might become known in Suns history as “The Speech.”

Recounted coach Mike D’Antoni, “He stood up and said, ‘That’s enough.

We’ve played bad for a month . . . Now, we play.’ ”
Here's the link to the rest of the article:

Enjoy ^_^

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Kekai said:
wow, someone actually spoke up. this team needs someone like that. should be EHouse, cuz he is emotional, last year we had Q to get on people. raja, be more like Q

But Bell is better than him. This was such a good signing. He plays better defense and shoots a way higher % from 3 pt land than Q did last yr with open shots. And Bell has less open shots than Q had last yr. Also saves us money haha. Only thing Q did better was be more clutch for us.

But yeah, good Bell stood up and said something. Anyone have this game on tape that wants to send it to me? Or know if there is a site online I can DL games from? I didn't get to see it :cry:
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