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This lineup is no doubt the best:

C: Shaquille O'Neal/Alonzo Mourning
PF: Tim Duncan/Kevin Garnett
SF: Tracy McGrady/Paul Pierce
SG: Kobe Bryant/Allen Iverson
PG: Jason Kidd/Steve Francis

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My starting 5 would be:

PG Jason Williams
SG Kobe Bryant
C Shaquille O'Neal
PF Chris Webber
SF Vince Carter

I am not sure what you meant when you said "You can't use the same players as me" but those are my choice for a starting five.
I recognize Jason Williams is not the best point guard in the league, he's just my favorite one.

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Originally posted by princetolakers
If you could make the best line up of players that play right now what would it be.

My lineup is

PG.Baron Davis
SG.kobe Bryant
SF.Paul Pierce
PF.Kevin Garnett
C. Shaquille O'neal

Now what lineup could beat this.
Davis over Kidd. Keep dreaming. Here is mine.

PG- Kidd
SG- Kobe
PF- Duncan
C- Shaq

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Here's mine

pg Bibby (while the rest of the Kings were scared of LA he wasnt)
sg Paul Pierce
C Shaq

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PG Payton
SG Kobe
SF Garnett/TMac
PF Duncan
Center Shaq

BTW you all, Payton is a much better PG than Kidd. Paytons got the entire package, is a bettr shooter than Kidd, and is a top 3 defensive player.

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C-Shaquille O'Neal
PF-Tim Duncan
SF-Paul Pierce
SG-Kobe Bryant
PG-Stephon Marbury

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I will choose the unlikely squad made up of players that have not been named that would have a chance at winning at least 2 games of 5.

Steve Francis
Eddie Jones
Bonzi Wells
Antonio McDyess
Dikembe Mutombo

All good defenders... each one could hold their own with Kidd, Davis, KG, Duncan, Kobe, and Pierce.

But could they score enough points to win? I dunno.

I just wanted to be original.

I'm locked in my office. I went downstairs to try and go home (it's 3:04 in Korea right now) and they gated all the doors shut. The garage is gated shut too. If there was a fire I'd die.

Thus, I think I'm going to browse the boards a bit.
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