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Just when you thought the draft selections would all fall in line, Sam Smith has to throw a monkey wrench into the equation. He reports that the Bulls may not be happy with Jay Williams… they may want Yao Ming instead. Word began to surface around the NBA last week that Chicago GM Jerry Krause wants to make a move for the top pick and take Yao. Krause believes Yao is the most valuable player in the draft because of trade demand and potential.

Smith writes, “The Bulls traded Elton Brand to the Clippers last year to get more athletic with Chandler and Curry, and now Krause covets a less athletic big man? This makes even less sense.”

Krause is probably a better scout than GM. He is proud of the fact that he was able to pick Trenton Hassle in the second round. Despite what his critics say, the man is a good judge of talent. That is why he may not want Williams. That’s the easy choice. But Krause doesn't like taking the easy way out. There's no gloating then, no executive of the year award.

Smith speculates on the possible order of events on Wednesday. “Suppose the Rockets, at the last minute, bow out and trade the No. 1 pick to a team that wants Williams. What then? Do the Bulls take Yao? But if the Rockets, with all the work they've put in, were to back off, what chance would there be that Yao would come to the Bulls as the No. 2 pick? Arvydas Sabonis came—nine years after he was drafted by Portland with the 24th overall pick in the 1986 draft.”

Chicago Bulls Are Gonna Be Busy Once Again This Year.

”The Bulls probably would select Duke's Mike Dunleavy and hope the Rockets didn't pull a fast one on them by trading with Golden State and then picking Yao at No. 3. But Houston wants him No. 1, and it's hard to imagine at this late stage it won't happen.”


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