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Bibby Should Get More Money Than Webber

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Bibby proved that he is a clutch player and better than Webber, Webber is the most overrated player in the NBA....and he always disappears in the last 2:00 minutes of big games....heres some: game 6 & especially game 7 against the Lakers
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Last year during the regular season Bibby averaged 13 pts. and 5 assists. People will argue that the regular season doesn't matter but Bibby's averages during the playoffs of 20 and 5 weren't much better. Bibby obviously was more clutch in the playoffs then Webber, but did he play better. Bibby may have done better in the playoffs vs. the Lakers but Webber got them there. Before this season Bibby wasn't even considered a top 10 PG now he is easily top 5 so he is definitly due to get a big bonus. Is he worth the max? No. Is he worth whatever the kings can give him without sending them to luxury tax land? Yes. Let me put this in different terms. Is Shaq or Kobe more clutch? The answer is obviously Kobe. The next question would be who would you pay more to play for your team? Obviously Shaq because he is the better player. Webber is the better player between him and Bibby it's just that Bibby stepped up more in the fourth qaurter. Bibby is a great complimentery player who IMO is incredibly crutial to the NBA if anybody wants anyone but the lakers to win. Bibby is a very very good player, but not worth the max.

-BTW and this is coming from a Kings fan I dont see how you could argue that Bibby is a better PG then Kidd. Kidd was the best player in the league last year (besides Shaq).
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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