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Like a volatile marriage filled with passionate highs and rock-bottom lows, the wacky love-hate dysfunction that is the Toronto Raptors seems to be back on the love side of the margin again, after the players and brass held a private meeting yesterday before practice at the Air Canada Centre.

The roughly 45-minute fence-mending exercise headed by general manager Rob Babcock, senior adviser Wayne Embry and coach Sam Mitchell was called to sort out what seemed to be a smouldering dispute between point guard Rafer Alston and teammate Jalen Rose.

After a loss to Orlando on Wednesday, Rose slammed his teammates for being selfish at times and not playing "winning basketball" — comments construed as a veiled shot at Alston, who Friday was referring to Rose as simply "that man," chiding him for airing his beefs through the media rather than directly to the team.

Rose replied — through the media — that he wasn't targeting any specific player, and if his comments were taken personally, "I guess if the shoe fits you have to wear it."

But it was all sweetness and light again after yesterday's meeting. Though no one would get into specifics of what was discussed, the general theme seemed to be: put the individual differences aside and focus on playing as a team; leave the media out when it comes to airing beefs with teammates; and even though playoff chances look grim, play hard to the end.

Good to see that they've gotten everything sorted out, the media obviously blew this whole incident out of proportion. Things like this always happen when your team is losing ball games, it's expected. I'm just relieved that this is all sorted out so they can put this behind them and play some basketball for the final 10 games of the season.

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The love is in the air

After a series of meetings in Raptorland yesterday following some pointed words to the media from Rose and Alston this week, both players insisted all is well. At least that was the company line.

"I really like Rafer Alston," Rose said after practice at the Air Canada Centre. "We get along great. We have a lot of fun times together that I can't share with you guys."

Alston also was spreading the love.

"When (Rose) comes over here, I'm going to give him a kiss," he said.

"Not on his lips, though."

Whether Rose and Alston truly have kissed and made up remains to be seen. A team meeting, which included general manager Rob Babcock and senior adviser to the GM Wayne Embry, was held yesterday before practice.

Coach Sam Mitchell then put his arm around Rose and pulled him outside the practice court for a brief chat.

The main message, apparently was don't run to the media to voice your concerns.

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The media attention that the raps have been getting because of the NHL lockout is huge and with no other sport the journalists have been looking for some little thing and have jumped all over it. Now that the Jays are starting up it takes some pressure off of the raps
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