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bigmen available to magic via trade!

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This is after the Miller, Sasser, Reid for Mohammed deal.

Austin Croshere
Greg Ostertag
Vitaly Potapenko
Tom Gugliotta
Marcus Fizer
Allan Henderson

I left out Derrick Coleman and Danny Fortson, because I think they'll be swapped for each other.

Fortson & Sura, for Coleman and Bryant.

I put the guys in order of preference, and i've already mapped out how the team would look with Croshere and Ostertag. No one has really disagreed with the Croshere plan, he's a better fit then Ostertag, but I liked the idea of going after Kevin Garnett in 2004. I'm not exactly sure how the Potapenko deal would work, or how you would match the money for Gugliotta, doubt if the Magic could make it work. No one in their right mind would trade for Allan Henderson. Fizer gives you youth and scoring, but he's a big soft power forward, all he wants to do is score.
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One question. You said you don't think you guys can have 3 max's. So how is signing O'neal any different than signing KG or Duncan? O'neal will get maxed out next year so if you think hes the answer keep looking.
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