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Bill Rusell Era

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I have a question for all of you LONG TIME Celtic fans.

During the Bill Russell Era Celtic years when they won all of those championships, was the NBA pretty boring to watch?

I mean for over a decade just about every season ended up being the Celtics vs. the Lakers, and the Celtics won most of the time.

I could just picture a Celtic fan yawning when his team won its 7th...8th...9th...10th championship lol.

(BTW, I don't expect many responses because there are probably not many posters who actually witnessed those seasons.)
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I only know a handful of posters in the entire site that actually witnessed the Bill Russell era. I'm sorry that I cannot help. I can, however, tell you that Celtics fans certainly were not bored during the latter part of Russell's eleven championship seasons. The only major reason why Boston is considered an important NBA market is because of the Celtics' winning tradition.
I don't think you can get bored when its your own team that is winning.
Im only 19 so I obviously have no firsthand knowledge on the Bill Russ era but at the same time I have read quite a few biographies and heard anecdotes and such from players and coaches in that era including Russell and Auerbach (who would obviously enjoy the moment) as well as other coaches and players who enjoyed (or for opposition, hated) the style because of it's tendency to fucus on fundamentals, team play, and the relentless fast break tempo. All these things and the addition of groundbreaking tactics such as cousy's trickery and russell's defensive ability to react to the offense and jump to block shots, which believe it or not was frowned upon before Russell began to dominate at USF in the mid 50s. The will to win and the skill had to be fun to watch, at least in my imagination.
I'm certainly not of that age, but I did see the Celts win in 81 at age 5 and for the last time in 86 at age 10. We were obviously quite competitive inbetween and for a few years after.

When it comes to your team, winning NEVER gets boring.

I'm sure there are plenty of NFL fans out there that were psyched to see someone other than the Pats win this year. For me it sucked

I guess a pure unbiased sports fan would like to see a variety of different teams rise to the top.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd never get bored if the Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics won every year, though as things currenlty stand, I'm at least satisified with the Red Sox and Patriots for the moment. The fact that its been 20 years since the last C's banner has been completely frustrating, especially since the C's have a much greater tradition for being a winning franchise than the other two hometown teams.
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