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An attempted analysis of Binghamton’s roster this season to date, in order of importance to the team (just one guy’s opinion). Please feel free to agree/disagree, etc.

Jordan Reed – This kid is the real deal. The biggest scoring threat and best rebounder on the team. Very athletic. Excellent at drawing the foul (unless we’re done by one in the MSM’s game). Not much of a threat from beyond three, but seems to be working on his mid-range game. Needs to work on his ball handling skills. Has a tendency to try to take on the world by himself, which I feel is a combination of him being a freshman, and him being one of the few consistent scoring threats. Good defender. Needs to work at the free throws since he draws so many fouls. Hands down, best player on the team with a great attitude who will start to bring the fans back to the seats. STRONG ROY candidate.

Roland Brown – A solid big who has a soft touch mid-range. Great hook shot. Good rebounder. The type of guy that we always wanted Kyrie Sutton to turn into (sigh). Can see him turning into the defensive captain while on the court as the season progresses. Has a tendency to get into foul trouble. Sadly, a juco so we will only have him for two years. Has the potential to control the offensive interior, though he has a tendency to forget about that occasional second defender who just stole the ball from him.

Rob Mansell – A capable player with a nose for the bucket. Red-shirt this year (damn MCL), but looking forward to his two remaining years of eligibility. He's still that important to the long term success of this team.

Jimmy Gray – Bingo’s hometown hero. Has been very sloppy with the ball this year due to too many minutes on the court. A streaky deep-ball shooter, but has been more off than on this year. Great passer who demands a place in your Bearcat heart, regardless of the turnovers this year. The team leader when on the court, but will pass that torch to JR at the end of the year, if not sooner. Not as aggressive a defender as he should be.

Rayner Moquete – A decent PG with a good outside shot. A very capable juco who gives Gray a break from his duties from time to time. Has a tendency to get into foul trouble. Average defender.

Alex Ogundadegbe – Possibly the most improved player this year. Is turning into a nice second option to Rowland Brown. Has been caught running full speed down the court and diving after loose balls this year, previously unheard of out of him! A nice touch from the free throw line for a big. Becoming a better defender.

Javon Ralling – Seems to have dropped off a little since last year. Not sure if he’s over the four-game suspension (note to all Bearcat players – Stay the hell away from State Street bar scene after hours!). Show athleticism in spurts.

KJ Brown – A decent back-up PG for when Jimmy’s tired and Raynor is in foul trouble. Looks much more comfortable on the court this year.

Taylor Johnston – A serious threat from deep, the only problem is he needs to be open, like wide open, otherwise that shot is not going up. Seems very uncomfortable/awkward with the dribble, and for whatever reason, just will not take a mid-range shot or drive to the hoop. A good defender with an unorthodox rebounding style.

Mike Horn – This guy doesn’t score, but he is one of the most aggressive defensive players on the team. If some of the other guys would adopt his aggressive, clean defense, we’d have another win or two this year. You can’t stop Mike Horn, you can only hope to contain him ☺

Jabrille Williams – An athletic kid who I feel just hasn’t gotten enough PT this year. Has great leaping ability and is an average defender.
Brian Freeman – Athletic build big who just hasn’t found his place yet. Limited playing time thus far. Has shown some potential while he’s in, but obviously not too much.

Karon Waller – A frosh who was a scoring force in high school (can you say 25 ppg as a senior in HS!). Originally signed with Manhattan, dropped out due to academic issues. Has obviously struggled making the transition from HS to D1, but with more time (I suspect an off-season), could be a diamond in the rough for us next year.

Chris Rice – A walk-on that generally plays clean up minutes. The type you yell “shoot” when he’s in the game.
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