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Nice article from SI.

While this has the makings of a bad year, it may turn out to be the most important season for this group of Blazers. If they ever do win a championship several years down the line, they'll look back and realize the demands of this season taught them to play and fight harder than ever. If they don't learn how to make a stand and fight hard now, there is a good chance they never will.

We'll learn a lot more about them over the next month than we did all of last season, when most everything ran smoothly. "Since I've been in the league everything has been going great, according to plan, and we've been growing and getting better," said Roy. "This is that first bump in the road, and in order to be a championship team you have to have faced some adversity. And I'm thinking that this is it. This isn't the last stop, but this is something that we're facing to get to the level that we want to be at."

Last season, Roy said he felt "like a quarterback whose offense was just perfect and everything was on time. And now we have a little bit of timing off. But I think it's good for me to go through this, because who knows? When we're in the Western conference finals, something may happen where we can say we've been there before, and I'll know what I've got to do."
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