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i hope this isn't getting too old all of this speculation, wondreing, and false plans that won't happen the way anyone predicts but it's fun so i think it'd be fun to have a thread where everyone suggested what they would like the rotation to look like in a couple of years. I would like to have the most balanced team in the NBA, a little of everything. Can run, play slow, shoot, rebound, block, and fun to watch. It bugs me when people always emulate the team to a certain style then when they play a team who doesn't match that style things don't go so well. Well here are my proposed ideas (that don't matter at all in the long run)

Trade theo and darius for expiring contracts, i'm just sick of darius and think Theo is almost done, simple as that. I'd rather see travis average 12 and 5 with lots of effort than darius 16 and 6 without effort. More likeable as a fan.

I like Telfair a lot and don't think many are being patient enough with him, gotta keep a 19 year old with that much potential at least three years before giving up. I think Jack is the perfect compliment to him too, no offense to blake i really like him and think he'll serve his purpose for 2 years great i just don't think he'll ever get much better. Same with Juan, great character guys and will fill their role while the younger guys grow but i don't see them as in the future.

I really like Joel and Skinner, they are workhorses who do all the little things and are self-sacrificial for the team, compliment the others well.

I wanna keep Zach, he is working hard, and keeping a pretty good attitude while his buddy darius moaps. I think Zach doesn't always find himself easy to be motivated when he knows the games don't matter but he really does want to be the best and he definetely works to improve his game. Still can be good 20/10 guy. Think of the heart he showed in the Dallas series where he first showed up. I think he could bring it consistenetly on a playoff team.

Martell and Travis i still have high hopes for both. Don't think either will be all stars or tremendous but i do believe that they will be very good role players and i think martell will open the offense a lot just spotting up and still being able to get out on the break. I'd like him to be able to develop a post game against smaller guards.

In this draft i really like Bargnani as he has length, quickness (for size), and size. Think he could be a great spot up player who can do many things and open up the offense a lot. Just don't think Morrison will be all that great at the next level he will stick around a long time and do well on a very good team.

Also don't want the team to give up on HA at his age, size, and pseudo agility. If nothing else he's an entertaining six fouls as most teams have a six foul big guy. Walks around and looks kinda like Chewbacca in my opinion.


Telfair, Jack 30,18
Webster, Jack, Outlaw(future draft) 30, 10, 8
Bargnani, Outlaw, Viktor 30, 10, 8
Zach, Viktor, Skinner 35, 10, 3
Joel, Skinner, HA 25, 20, 3 (joels injured a lot too)

pretty much a fairly standard 9 man rotation
5 starters: pg, sg, sf, pf, C
4 bench: pg/sg, sg/sf, sf/pf, pf/C

let's hear your thoughts

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If that's the case, then this team will still be pretty bad barring one of the youngsters breaking out.

I think you keep Theo Ratliff on the bench until February of 08 when his contract is expiring. That's when his value will be at its highest.

The trading deadline of 08 should be a deadline in general for team progress. If things haven't started to seriously improve by then, you drastically restructure. If the young guys are ready to blossom, then you use Theo to add a veteran piece to the mix. Then that summer, you go after 1-2 skill players/defensive guys.

Then they'll be ready to start competing again.

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I don't have any disagreements with your post. Trading Miles and Ratliff - probably isn't that easy without taking back garbage rather than expiring deals, but who knows.

The whole plan - yours and everyone elses - depends greatly on one or two of our under 22 yr olds becoming more than "potential" players - but capable starters. Our team is filled right now with bench type players at every position except maybe PF (Zach). The rest of them are perfectly suited to support starters with solid off the bench play. This must change for the teams win % to follow.

Because I'm not convinced Morrison will reach such high potential in the pros - I'd feel safer drafting height (Aldridge, Bargnani).
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