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Camby settles in
Fourteen-year veteran Marcus Camby is a superb fit with Portland's slow pace, deliberate half-court offense and coach Nate McMillan's ongoing desire for a rigorous defense that protects the rim. The Blazers were 10.5 points better per 100 possessions when he was on the court after coming over from the Clippers at the trade deadline last season, and even if Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla come back healthy this season, Camby can slide to power forward on occasion. His contract extension, signed during the playoffs in April (making it essentially an offseason move for our purposes), is expensive (about $21 million with another $5 million in incentives) but short term (two years).

The good glue of Matthews
Giving $34 million over the next five years to last year's overachieving, undrafted Jazz rookie is steep, but Wesley Matthews (pictured) is another player tailor-made for McMillan's no-nonsense style. He won't need a lot of touches on offense and can defend the entire gamut of wing players.
Seems like a fair score.

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