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Carbo04 said:
What bitterness? I'm tired of the world-wide blow job LeBron gets. Yea, he's good and all but it's retarded to think he's the best player in the NBA or even in the sentence as MJ as some LeBron groupies claim he is. He's still not clutch, 1 game winner in 222 games? No defense, no playoffs yet. I don't like having LeBronze shoved down my throat just because Stern and Nike have found their new cash cow.
I have to admit, I feel the same way and always have. Yeah, his commercials are fun, and he sure puts fans in the seats--but he's done nothing (and neither has his team) to justify the hysteria surrounding him.

Tell us about the brilliance of LeBron when he's at least gotten the Cavs into the Playoffs.

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