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OAKLAND – Warriors coach Mark Jackson says, “This is a team I believe God has His hands all over,” an eyebrow-raising statement even from someone so conversant in spiritual matters, even from someone who is also a pastor and who named his daughter Heavyn and one of his three sons Christian. And so we are reminded again that he is also very conversant in bold.

But welcome to the mortal part of the Golden State season. Andrew Bogut is back, again, and trying to prove himself, again, and there will be a lot of ice baths for his lower left leg before that happens. He has to manage expectations while Jackson has to manage minutes.

Bogut is playing with a limit of 25 minutes per game, an approach scheduled for at least five more contests until the cap is re-evaluated during the All-Star break. There has already been one aborted comeback from the fractured left ankle and subsequent microfracture surgery, the four games at the start of the season before it was decided the leg needed a lot more healing, and all involved are being especially cautious this time, even as Bogut contrasts the difference between now and late-October as “Night and day.” The ankle, he says, is “110 percent stronger.”

The first three readings have been very encouraging for all concerned and not particularly challenging on the stopwatch for Jackson in two of the three, a 12-point win over the Raptors on Monday in Bogut’s first game back and a 20-point win over the Suns on Saturday. But there was the one in between.

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