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Boki Love!

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Nachbar had 2 points 2 assist and 3 rebounds!! Yay!! I finally saw him do something!! Go Boki!! lol
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Nachbar was the MVP of the game. Did you see the smooth corner jumper?

Kudos for Scott Padgett as well. He was 3-3 -- all from long range.

T'wan looked good as well. Go, T'wan!

Speaking of MVPs, I think the NETS should play humbly from here on out. It doesn't serve the team concept well to focus only on a team's best players to the exclusion of its' younger, up-and-coming talent as well as veteran bench.

These guys work just as hard and deserve to be in the love cocoon as much as the so-called stars.

All the excessive focus on individual performance throughout the league is overdone. Kobe's self-centered play takes away from the team concept. Tonight the NETS dismantled PHX like the Holzman era Knicks of old. They beat you in every which way.

The healthy NETS' philosophy of sharing should prevent the excessive ego aggrandizement that gets in the way of other teams.
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