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bold = bad statistic
italics = good statistic


Team record overall: 41-35 (13th)
Games back: 16
Home record: 26-13
Away record: 15-22
Conference record: 26-20
Division record: 6-7
Record when scoring 100+: 31-10 (14th)
Record when giving-up 100+: 20-26 (5th)
Last ten: 4-6
Games decided by 3 or less: 9-7
Games decided by 10 or more: 16-13


Points per game: 101.38 (5th)
Points allowed per game: 100.36 (22nd)
Differential: +1.01 (11th)
Field goal percentage: 0.466 (3rd)
Opponent's field goal percentage: 0.440 (11th)
Three point field goal percentage: 0.349 (t-18th)
Opponent's three point field goal percentage: 0.357 (15th)
Free throw percentage: 0.766 (14th)
Opponent's free throw percentage: 0.756 (14th)
Assists per game: 22.00 (8th)
Opponent's assists per game: 22.63 (25th)
Differential: -0.63 (20th)

Rebounds per game: 40.92 (22nd)
Opponent's rebounds per game: 42.59 (22nd)
Differential: -1.67 (24th)
Blocks per game: 5.26 (13th)
Opponent's blocks per game: 5.00 (t-17)
Differential: +0.26 (13th)
Steals per game: 8.17 (8th)
Opponent's steals per game: 8.72 (30th)
Differential: -0.55 (t-17th)


Turnovers per game: 15.77 (22nd)

Opponent's turnovers per game: 15.69 (6th)
Differential: +0.07 (16th)
Fouls per game: 24.06 (5th)
Opponent's fouls per game: 23.57 (9th)
Differential: +0.48 (16th)
Disqualifications: 0.21 (t-11th)
Opponent's disqualifications: 0.23 (9th)

Team Leaders

Games played: 76 (Pierce, Blount, and Davis)
Games started: 76 (Pierce)
Minutes per game: 36.1 (Pierce)
Field goal percentage: 0.545 (Reed) or 0.530 (Blount)
Three point field goal percentage: 0.382 (Banks)
Free throw percentage: 0.822 (Pierce)
Offensive rebounds per game: 2.4 (Walker)
Defensive rebounds per game: 6.1 (Walker)
Rebounds per game: 8.4 (Walker)
Assists per game: 6.1 (Payton)
Assists per turnover: 3.11 (Payton)
Steals per game: 1.62 (Pierce)
Blocks per game: 1.29 (Lafrentz)
Turnovers per game: 2.8 (Pierce)
Personal fouls per game: 3.2 (Lafrentz)
Points per game: 21.5 (Pierce)

special thanks to speedythief for the format!

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That's interesting.

I can't believe our home record is still good.
Look at that record when we get 100+ points against. That's awesome. lol.

I don't like our rebounds per game, but I do love the statistic that shows how good we are at forcing TO's.

Although after seening the team recently, there's no way one could have guessed that.
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