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Brandon Roy

that was a good game between Illinois and UW. Roy was double teamed a lot. But he still end up with 21 points. He also collected 5 rebounds and 3 assists. He didn't really take over offensive-wise when the game was on the line. but, he did make a clutch layup to tie the game at 60. He played pretty good defense especially during crunch time. He's able to guard smaller player like Dee Brown. His all-around game is as good as advertised. He made a few bad decisions with the ball. But, he got back at them on the defensive end. He's actually reminds me a little of Kerry Kittles in college. It's kinda true that he doesn't really have a major weakness in his game. But, if I have to say one thing, I say his frame. His shoulder is narrow and he's very slim. With body like that he's not going to be able to score in the NBA like he did in college. He needs to hit the gym real hard when he gets to the NBA. But I think he can be Kerry Kittles pre-injury, 17 ppg 4 rpg 3 apg 1 spg. Good enough for a mid to late lottery.
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