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Simpling trying to engage a good college basketball discussion...Using breakout as the theme:

Non top 10 freshman

I'll post mine later.

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PLAYER breakout: ranking from (1-5)
Jamir Nelson (3)
Isma'il Muhammad (4)
Kelvin Torbert (4)
Jawad Williams (4)
Andre Emmett (3)
Craig Forth (2)
Jonathon Hargett (2)
Taliek Brown (4)
Ben Johnson (4)
Devin Harris (3)
Ray Young (3)
Nick Smith (2)
David Lee (5)
James White (5)
Marvin Stone (4)
Ron Slay (3)
Antonio Burks (4)
Imari Sawyer (2)
Pierre Pierce (5)

TEAM breakout: ranking from (1-5)
Minnesota (5)
Texas (4)
Boston College (3)
Michigan State (5)
Louisville (4)
North Carolina (4)
Texas Tech (3)

Top 10 FROSH
1)Raymond Felton
2)Shelden Williams
3)Carmelo Anthony
4)Chris Bosh
5)Christjan Drejer
6)Paul Davis
7)Evan Burns
8)Rashad McCants
9)Daniel Horton
10)Anthony Roberson
Surprise: Antonio Lawerence!!!

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Originally posted by <b>OZZY</b>!
Top 10 FROSH
7)Evan Burns
Currently Evan Burns is enrolled at San Deigo State as a nonqualifier.

On 10/8/02 Steve Fisher said they were appealing the classification of Burns as a non qualifier. There is hope. I am not sure how much hope. It sounded like SDSU is claiming that his high school may have messed up Burns paperwork.

Go to the below link and look at the section titled
On the status of Evan Burns:

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what do you mean non top 10 freshman?

Well then I will say
Daniel Horton
Sean Dockery
Antiono Lawerence
Stanley Gaines
Anothony Roberson
Brad Buckman
Curtis Sumpter
Allen Ray
Brandon Roy

And my bad about Evans and Hargett, I did not know they were out of D1 ball. But still they are talented players, and could make it to the NBA, mainly Evans though.

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Chey Christie- Sophmore- Clemson
Dahntay Jones- Senior- Duke
Josh Howard- Senior- Wake Forest
Todd Billet- Junior- Uva
Brian Cook- Senior- Illinios
Kelvin Torbert- Sophmore- Michigan State
John Lucas- Sophmore- Baylor
David Harrison- Sophmore- Colorado
Wayne Simien- Sophmore- Kansas
Ricky Paulding- Junior- Mizzou
Robert Tomasek- Junior- Texas Tech
Jermaine Watson- Sophmore- Bc
Craig Forth- Sophmore- Cuse
Hakim Warrick- Sophmore- Cuse
Tommy Smith- Senior- Arizona State
Joe Shipp- Senior- Cal
Julius Barnes- Senior- Stanford
Desmon Farmer- Junior- Southern California
David Lee- Sophmore- Florida
Ronald Dupree- Senior- Lsu
David Sanders- Senior- Ole Miss
Rolando Howell- Sophmore- South Carolina
Jason Maxiel- Sophmore- Cincy
Travis Diener- Sophmore- Marquette
Brooks Hall- Senior- Dayton
Keith Jackson- Sophmore- Xavier

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I think the consensus is David Lee with breakout this season. He's always been a great player but with an increased role he'll flourish.

Anyone in NC State's frontline. All of their players have great ability. Powell, Melvin and Etimov should really flourish. They could be a B version of what Maryland had last year with Baxter, Wilcox, Holden and Randle.

I love the small school guys that come into the national spotlight for "one shining moment". Guys like Rolan Roberts of So. Illinois, Kyle Corver of Creighton. This year, remember this name: Hector Romero, a 6-7 forward from New Orleans.

The Barcelona, Venezuela native was absolutely unstoppable last year. Billy Donavan called Romero the toughest match up for his team all last season. He scored 29 points and grabbed 19 rebounds on the Gators. Maybe he'll 'breakout' into the national spotlight this season.


LSU - They have an expierenced team with key additions to the post with JUCO All American Jamie Lloreda. Throw him in the mix with Ronald Dupree, Collis Temple and Torris Bright, the Tigers could be back to their glory days. Don't be surprised if they make a push like Mississippi State did last year.

Villanova - This is another team that is sitting on the bubble for most top 25 polls. They too have experience but they reloaded with a great recruiting class. Jay Wright is a new golden boy of college basketball. They have all of the right people in place now for a great run.

Non top 10 freshman

Jarrett Jack of Georgia Tech will leave Atlanta as one of the best PGs the school has ever seen. Hefty? Yeah maybe. But this kid is the real deal. I've ranted and raved about him way too much. Can't wait to see him in action.

Ike Diogu of Arizona State is a name that we all should get to know. One of my contacts said Diogu looks like the next Karl Malone. I hate "the next" tag but from all accounts, they may be right about this kid.

Kennedy Winston may have as big of an impact than that of his new teammate Mo Williams at Alabama. With Rod Grizzard leaving for the NBA, er the NBDL, Winston will be thrown into the mix right away. The freshman is extremely versatile. As a high school senior, Winston posted some ungodly numbers. 33 ppg, 11.6 rpg, 7.5 apg, 2.7 bpg, 2.4 spg. Amazing.
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