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Brevin Knight is tired of being jerked around by the NBA. The Charlotte Bobcats haven't jerked him around, and that's the best incentive for Knight to re-sign here come summer.

"Stability is a big issue for me," said Knight, who becomes an unrestricted free agent in July. "I don't want to bounce around. I don't want to hear, `You're playing well, but ...' "

But you're being demoted. Or you're being traded. Or you're being waived. Knight played for three different teams last season and felt chewed up by the NBA system.

He came to Charlotte because Bobcats coach-general manager Bernie Bickerstaff promised him a fair shot at the starting job. He won it in training camp, beating out Jason Hart, and is now second in the league in assists per game at 8.4.

"This is my first choice (in free agency) because they gave me another crack at it," Knight said.

Assuming multiple teams want him, Knight will consider several factors. Obviously money -- both salary size and contract length -- is an issue. So is the chance to win; at 29, he won't make many more trips to the playoffs.

Still, work environment could decide this. Bickerstaff has made it clear he wants Knight back, particularly if Knight is comfortable with eventually mentoring a young point guard. Knight likes and trusts his boss, and he won't be quick to throw that away.

"Part of the reason I'm playing so well is because I'm happy coming here every day," Knight said. "I like these guys and I'm happy with the organization, and that shows on the court. I trust these people."
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We should definately bring him back this offseason, dude is great
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