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(Just felt like I'd bring this up to you all incase you havent ever heard of this.. It's sad but I've known about it forever, since I'm from his hometown.. Here we go..)

Norm Cook, a former All-Big Eight forward who played briefly in the NBA, began showing signs of paranoid schizophrenia when he was 24. Cook was abusive to his wife, Joyce, and they divorced in 1986 when Brian was 5. Since then, the elder Cook has been committed to mental health institutions nearly a dozen times.

Cook's mother and sisters watch him play for the Illini tonight; his father, who has never seen his son play, will not attend.

Brian Cook was unwilling to talk about his father,whom he hasn't seen in more than a year, when these teams met in the Sweet 16 last year in San Antonio, but Cook and his mother broke their silence in the Feb. 4 edition of Sports Illustrated.

Cook said he "could have cared less" about the SI article and that his midseason surge had more to do with his conversations with a sports psychologist and increased confidence.

Norm Cook left Kansas after his junior season and played only parts of two seasons in the NBA before his life unraveled.

"I'm coming back," Brian Cook said. "To me, there's a lot more things than basketball. With the situation with my dad and everything, I know I have to have something to fall back on. Basketball's not going to be around all my life."

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