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Bryan Colangelo Interview ( (1-8-04).

With the Marbury-McDyess trade, and all of the cap room that you have this offseason, are there any immediate needs you will look to address?

COLANGELO: "I think before we decide how to use the cap room, we need to see how much it's going to be and what the best utilization of that flexibility will be. Now we can acquire players via free agency or via trade, but we have draft picks right now as well -- New York's and our own. These will affect what our cap number will be. As we get closer to the draft and see what the options are, we'll decide what we'll want to do and how this will affect our cap room. But cap room is something we haven't talked about for a while, so we need to look at all the options and decide whether it's best to utilize the picks or decide if it creates trade opportunities for us.

"But, the flexibility that we've created has given us options. With what was an upcoming $66 million payroll, and where we already had $61.2 million plugged into it, we had very few options. Now we can add via free agency, or trades, or draft, et cetera. We have a lot to look at, but it's very intriguing. And we're very excited about our future. Very excited ... The restrictions are gone. It's a much better feeling just to have those choices."

How do you feel about your team as it stands now?

COLANGELO: "We love our young core of players. We've obviously taken a step back on paper, in terms of talent. Make no mistake about it, Stephon and Penny are very, very good basketball players. Stephon is one of the better players in the league. But we still feel that even minus Stephon we have a very good core of young players ... Barbosa at the one, Joe Johnson at the two, Shawn Marion at three, Zarko Cabarkapa as a swing player, Casey Jacobsen off the bench. We have pieces that we really feel are great young pieces to have. In fact, I think we're even further along than some teams are when you break your roster down and decide to go into that 'lull.' We're a young team, but couple our current talent with that flexibility, and we should be able to get back to that traditional level of talent this franchise has enjoyed -- even as recently as last season -- very soon."

Bryan Colangelo:
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