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That's more like it. BU wins at AU, 79 to 53.

Javante and Suk once again led the attack. AU was missing their All-League-caliber player, Stacy Beckton, but this was still a good win. AU hung in but costly turnovers and missed foul shots really hurt in the second half and then the wheels fell off.

Walter also had a good game, he had 13 points at halftime and 17 overall. He looked more determined on his drives, so maybe he is feeling more healthy. Something I would like to see BU do more is get defenders to switch assignments to set up mismatches. A few years ago I remember Nate Dieudonne taking advantage after switches (coincidentally against AU). I think Walter would prosper if he got into more of these situations. The first highlight below is what he could do with a mismatch.

Still need more production from the bench. I feel like Caelan Jones is the only one with a defined role (shooter), while the other bench players will look to score only if they are the last option. I would like to see Coach Jones set up plays to engage the bench players. Could pay big dividends later on.
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