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1. San Antonio Spurs - Ante Krajan (Anadolu Efes/Croatia) - It's been a moment since the Spurs were much of a threat out west and not since the days of Opoku have they have had a premier caliber PG. They will shoot for the stars here and take Krajan.

2. Lexington Kings - Ranveer Dutt (Manchester Magic/India) - Kings find themselves lacking any major star power outside of up and comer Yunus Under. They will swing for the fences on Dutt to be give themselves a formidable offense for seasons to come.

3. Los Angeles Lakers - Jason Basden (USC) - Good chance that Kenneth takes Dutt or Krajan falls to 3, but with the board as is he will bring the versatile Basden who will create a DYNAMIC, defensive tandem in the front court with Andri Arnason.

4. Milwaukee Bucks - Ontware Noles (Buford High School) - Bucks like them young and 18 is old enough.

5. Chicago Bulls - Charlie Wilson (Oklahoma) - Bulls being in the wee stages of a rebuild will be looking for BPA and will select Wilson who is a KVBL ready scorer that they will be able to build around.

6. Golden State Warriors - Imoh Alimi (NAF Rockets/Nigeria) - Warriors are taking the slow and steady approach in their rebuild and will opt for Alimi who should help solidify their back court with Bruno Lulliano.

7. Dallas Mavericks - Milton Beasley - Mavs will go for BPA at this spot with where they are at as a team and will go with Beasley who should prove quite efficient in gaining possessions for the teams while projecting as a solid defender down the line.

8. Washington Bullets - Ralph Gomey - Bullets will continue to collect assets and will go with Gomey who projects well long term for their front court.

9. Seattle SuperSonics - Gabriel Speier (Georgetown) - Sonics seemed to be league controlled which would imply a BPA pick here which falls to old man Speier.

10. Utah Jazz - DeNorris Holywell - The Jazz love three pointers and Holywell is going to be making lots of friends in Utah with what he brings to the table.

11. Orlando Magic (via Vancouver) - Joe Denker - This time last offseason the Magic were quite set in their front court with Monroe, Carter, and Aran not to mention the next time big thing on the horizon. One year later, Monroe is out of the picture, Aran is on his way out, Carter is recuperating from a devastating injury at the end of season, and Dzanko continues to be a question mark. Things seem to be less set on the wing and the Magic go for Denker who carries some star potential.

12. Detroit Pistons - Krystian Potz - Pistons have sorely lacking a suitable big man to grow with Sager/Dunston and go with Potz to give them formidable defensive presence in the post.

13. Québec Sharks - Boone Carpenter - Sharks can't hold onto Lewison forever which opens things up for the Carpenter pick, but who knows really. Sharks are in bad need of a reset, but seem content to treadmill as a late lotto team.

14. Philadelphia 76ers (via Orlando) - James Hoder - Sixers find themselves in interesting spot after netting JaShawn Monroe from the Magic in a mid season trade. While they're competitive enough to be in the playoffs, the ages of a lot of their players proves problematic for the team's ceiling. I suspect they'll go for someone to pair with Monroe in Hoder who's rebounding will be welcomed with that pairing.
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