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"You look at New Jersey," said Bucks guard T.J. Ford, who came off the bench as a reserve for only the second time this season. " . . . They've improved and they're going into the playoffs with a lot of confidence and that's something that we're lacking.

"We've got five games to turn it around and try to get our confidence back and try to get on a winning streak. We know that we could easily compete for the fifth spot or we could easily be out of the playoffs."

Charlie Bell, who started in place of Ford, said the Bucks still had enough time to turn things around. But. . . .

"We've got to go out there and take care of business," he said. "We can't sit there and continue to hope that those other teams are going to continue to lose. We have to go out there and win some games.

"Right now, we're playing like we're not a playoff team. We're playing like we're getting ready for a vacation or getting ready for a lottery pick or something. Right now, we're playing for our lives and we've got to act like it."

Asked about what was going on with the Bucks these days, forward Toni Kukoc said, "Nothing good."
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