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It's an established trend among NBA teams to have stretch 4s or power forwards with range beyond the three-point line. The 6-foot-10 Ilyasova neatly fits that description.

Ilyasova made a major adjustment last season in his thinking and benefited from it.

"He has shot the ball well (in training camp)," Skiles said. "Usually when a player goes from 27% from three to 45% from three, there's a mean in there somewhere.

"I wouldn't sell Ersan short though, as long as he has his feet set and takes good ones. His issue wasn't could he shoot the three. It was will he take good ones.

"Will he step in and take some twos? He became much more efficient. He's going to be a guy now that people are running at. Then he'll have to make good decisions, too."

Better decision making on when to take threes is the key for all of them to improve their shots.
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