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PG: Jamal Crawford
SG: Jalen Rose
SF: Donyell Marshall
PF: Tyson Chandler
C: Eddy Curry

2nd Unit
PG: Jay Williams
SG: Trenton Hassell
SF: Eddie Robinson
PF: Marcus Fizer
C: Corrie Blount

Fred Hoiberg
Dalibor Bagaric
Roger Mason Jr.
Lonnie Baxter
Rick Brunson or Doug Overton

I expect that Mason, Baxter and either Brunson or Overton will spend a lot of time on IR. Mason's stuck there until at least February, '03. Baxter and either Brunson or Overton will only see active duty if there's an injury to one of the regulars.

There's all kinds of competition on this roster. How long can Crawford hold on to the starting PG position? Can Eddie Robinson force his way into the starting lineup, which might move either Marshall or Chandler to the bench? Is this the year Fizer becomes a two way player? Could Hassell push Rose back to SF, and if so, who starts at PF...Marshall or Chandler? Can the kids stay out of foul trouble and still rebound and play defense?

While I love seeing competition at nearly every position, I'd prefer to see the Bulls settle on a rotation ASAP and allow certain player combinations to become accustomed to playing together. If we're switching starting lineups night after night it's going to hurt continuity.

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baxter is not an "extra guy" if allowed to play back up minutes, he would lead the team in boards (not a particularly tall order anyway)

compared to the players who will start in front of him, he is a ring-wise veteran. his motor doesn't stop.

i only hope they turn him loose in camp, because they will not be able to keep him off the floor (assuming the most productive players actually get to play.)

you heard it here first.

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The trouble is Baxter is unsigned. Rumor has it Krause doesnt want to sign Baxter for some reason. I think the Bulls will need Baxter's ability to rebound.

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Oct 30 Wed @ Boston 6:00 pm FSChi --
Nov 1 Fri New Orleans 7:30 pm WCIU --
Nov 2 Sat @ Atlanta 6:00 pm WGN Super --
Nov 4 Mon @ Toronto 6:00 pm FSChi --
Nov 6 Wed Boston 7:30 pm FSChi --
Nov 8 Fri Dallas 7:30 pm FSChi --
Nov 9 Sat New Jersey 7:30 pm WGN Super --
Nov 13 Wed @ Milwaukee 7:00 pm FSChi --
Nov 15 Fri @ New Orleans 7:30 pm FSChi --
Nov 16 Sat Memphis 7:30 pm WGN --
Nov 19 Tue @ Sacramento 9:00 pm FSChi --
Nov 20 Wed @ Golden State 9:30 pm WGN --
Nov 22 Fri @ L.A. Lakers 9:30 pm FSChi --
Nov 23 Sat @ Utah 8:00 pm WGN Super --
Nov 27 Wed @ Boston 6:00 pm WCIU --
Nov 30 Sat @ Dallas 7:30 pm WGN Super --
Dec 3 Tue New Orleans 7:30 pm FSChi --
Dec 4 Wed @ Cleveland 6:00 pm FSChi --
Dec 6 Fri @ Toronto 7:00pm WCIU--

13 of their first 19 games are on the road! This brutal start to the season may dictate who Cartwright goes with as starters early on. I wouldn't be surprised to see the vets get the majority of minutes early on. Is it inconceivable that we may see a lineup comprised of Crawford, Rose, Robinson, Marshall and Blount out on the floor more often than not?

When you consider the fact that every Bulls team over the years has been faced with a similar kind of early season schedule, you begin to appreciate just how great the teams of the '90s really were. This is by far the toughest early season schedule in the league year in and year out. For a team as young as ours, it can be a killer. Players like Chandler, Curry and Williams are really going to have to step up if there's any hope of the Bulls getting off to a decent start this year.
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