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Say we do get the Number one pick is Emeka the lock number one pick? We all know were gonna get another High School stud who scouts are gonna say is a cant miss player, Do we take Dwight Howard who some scouts compare to Amare Staudemire. But do we also pass up Pavel Podkolzine, or maybe the next comming of a healthy better version of grant hill in Luol Deng, should we trade down for a solid vet who can score 19+ a night and get lower picks like darius rice or rickey paulding players that would fill holes in our team- sf-sg. IMO i would go with the safe pick and pick emeka, hes this years version of elton brand. but i look at some players and it makes me think i wonder what a Jameer Nelson,Sebastian Telfair,Hakim Warrick, and some euro players like Ivan Chiriaev,Anderson Varejão can bring to the bulls, if Eddy Curry,TC,and JC finish this season strong and if curry averages 20+ and atleast 6rbs a game for the second half of the season then i might consider, trading out #1 pick for a good solid vet who can score, and hopefully be in the kobe hunt. but say we do get curry to play at his potential, and say tc peeks and will be a 15ppg 10rbs 3blks a game player will we still pick emeka, who plays PF/C? Is this the year we drop potential picks and go for the sure thing? Nelson and Telfair are young pgs and we dont need another pg, but its clear this players will succeed in the NBA and might be stars. Or do we draft Kris Humphries who imo is an upgrade over tyson chandler right off the bat, this kid is beast on the boards and can flat out score.

Can you imagine a lineup of
C-Eddy Curry/Chandler
PF- Emeka Ukafor/Kris Humphries
SF- KOBE?/ E-rob- 2nd rounder Rice or Paulding?
PG- Kirk.

Emeka will automatically bring 10 rbs a game, same could be said about Kris Humphries who can also add some scoring punch.
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