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*This article kinda rubbed me the wrong way

"I definitely think that my stock has gone up," said Crawford, the Bulls' per-game leader in minutes (35.0), points (17.0) and assists (5.7) this season. "But that's for (the media) to tell.

"The motivation was there for me to be a great player regardless of what happened, because I want to be a great player," Crawford, a University of Michigan product, said. "I want to be great — period. I mean, there still is so much room for my game to grow."

"He has made progress this season," said one NBA team scout who has watched Crawford in person several times this season. "But his shot selection, ability to get to the free-throw line and overall consistency need to improve. He still has to learn that when he struggles with his shot, there are other things he can do to help the team."

"Seattle is my home," Crawford said.

The time could be right for Crawford to return to the Pacific Northwest, as the Sonics are expected to be in the market for a point guard of the future to team with Ray Allen in the backcourt.

"That wouldn't be bad," Crawford said of the possibility.
All other things being equal, Crawford said he'd rather stay put.
"I like to play with Tyson and Eddy, too," said Crawford, who considers Curry to be his closest friend. "I'd rather stay in Chicago

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Why did it rub you the wrong way?

Something about Jamal wanting to be a great player bother you?
Or was it the part about Seattle being his home?

I bet it was the part about how he'd rather stay in Chicago. I can see that bothering a lot of people around here.


Also. Someone already posted this article I believe. Or there's plagarists abound in the Chicago media.
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