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FWIW, the Bulls have only played 28 games against Eastern conference opponents, by far the fewest of any other Eastern team. At the same time, they have played about the same number of total games as their Eastern brethern.

Also, Chicago has also played close to the fewest number of home games.

This would seem to indicate that an easier schedule should be coming up, as opposed to more Western conference opponents for other Eastern teams.

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You look at our remaining schedule and it's really not all that difficult a schedule. No more western trips.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to make a kool-aid induced stupid prediction and say that this team will go 15-15 (or better) over the final 30 games. Thereby giving all of us saps false hope over the offseason again only to have them dashed at the beginning of the 2004-05 season as we start out 3-13 and lose every game on the circus trip like they have over the last however many years its been.

What's kind of interesting is a lot of the eastern bottom-feeders are playing some decent ball now. The Heat are competetive and right in the playoff hunt. The Wizards, now that they're healthy are looking pretty good with Kwame finally showing up. The Cavs are shaping up well with James, Boozer and the crew playing solid ball. Even the Hawks and Bulls are playing better recently. The Sixers, the Celtics and the Raptors better watch out because there's some pretty good teams comming up the pike.

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There's no reason we can't get the 8th playoff spot. It's 9 games away from us with 31 games for us left. Go 21-10 and we got a shot.

Wait... there is a reason. We're the Bulls :upset:

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I'm looking at the schedule and it doesn't look good until real late in the season when we play winnable games. The W's are *possible* wins. I think max we can go 18-12. probably 13-17.

Tue 10 Indiana L
Thu 12 Boston W
Tue 17 Toronto W
Fri 20 Sacramento L
Sat 21 Memphis L
Wed 25 Detroit L
Thu 26 at Washington L
Sat 28 Golden State L
Mon 1 Cleveland W
Wed 3 at New Orleans W
Sat 6 at Philadelphia W
Tue 9 Philadelphia W
Wed 10 at Detroit L
Fri 12 at New Jersey L
Sat 13 LA Lakers L
Tue 16 at Cleveland W
Fri 19 at Toronto W
Sat 20 New York W
Mon 22 at Indiana L
Tue 23 New Jersey L
Fri 26 Milwaukee L
Sat 27 at Atlanta W
Mon 29 at Miami W
Wed 31 at Orlando W
Fri 2 LA Clippers W
Sat 3 Miami W
Wed 7 at New York W
Fri 9 Atlanta W
Sun 11 at Toronto W
Mon 12 Orlando W
Wed 14 at Indiana L

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