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The Bulls of course did great in the draft with Jay Williams, but they have players on their team who will skip town once their rookie contracts run up because of lack of playing time, which is definitely understandable.

Jamal Crawford and Marcus Fizer are those players and they have been in almost every Bulls trade "rumor". Both have contracts that after '04. I believe the Bulls should not spend the money on these players unless Crawford has a breakout year, because they NEED to save the cap room to sign Curry, Chandler, and Williams when their contracts next year.

You CANNOT judge Crawford yet, because he has really only played one full year of pro ball. He has had moments. Jerry Krause seems to be in love with his ability, as do other teams like the Wizards and MJ.

Fizer is a great 6th man, but a marginal starter. He can get 10-12ppg and 5-6rpg for a team off the bench.

I think the Bulls need one more solid player......a SHOOTER! This is one thing the Bulls lack. A couple of guys available and options are.......

1. Wally Szczerbiak- I would love to get Wally World, but he is asking for the MAX. Now lets get serious, Wally doesn't deserve that much money, even though he was an All-Star and is better than certan players with the MAX (cough...VAN HORN....cough). I'm sure their are others, too. Wally would be perfect but the money makes him too expensive.

2. Mike Miller- Miller is a great shooter, and is who the Bulls probably wished they would've taken with the #4 pick in the 2000 draft. Miller has had two solid seasons with the Magic, 11ppg and 15ppg respectively. Miller is on the trading block because the Magic are looking for a PG and big men.

The Bulls should offer Jamal Crawford and Marcus Fizer for Mike Miller and a cap filler (one that's contract runs out after '03). This would give the Magic maybe not the big man they wanted, but a guy that can easily come in and put up 10-12ppg and 5-6rpg. This would also give them their PG they could pair with Darrell Armstrong. The Bulls would get their shooter.

3. Rashard Lewis- Lewis is the most athletic of all three choices and may still turn out to be a star. Lewis wants to return to his hometown Houston but all the Rockets can give Lewis is the mid-level exception of around 5 mil. The Bulls could give him around the max if they do a sign-and-trade with Fizer and Crawford. I still think thats a little too expensive for what the Bulls need.

I would rather have the Bulls get Miller, because he's less expensive.

The Bulls also seem to be shipping Travis Best even though he's an unrestricted free agent. Teams want to make a sign-and-trade so they don't get into luxury tax territory. Many teams seam interested including the Heat, TWolves, Knicks, and others. It would be nice to get something out of the unrestricted free agent Best. A veteran who can play for a year or two would be nice.

The Bulls are headed in the right direction, finally.

Please comment

Any one else heard any Bulls rumors?

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bulls arent trading crawford,you said you want to trade or let fizer and jamal go if they want max b/c you wanna save it for eddy,tyson and jay but then you said you want lewis and would give him max? but that wont happen lewis doesnt deserve max and the bulls wont give it to him he hasnt proven he deserves it yet, eddy and tyson wont be up for the max for 2 more years( 1more yr and club option for yr after that) and jay just signed he wont need it until 2007,give it time.
fizer is good player but i wont mind if he's traded
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