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Each morning when he wakes up, Bulls center Joakim Noah dreads taking that first step on his left foot.

These days, Noah is feeling fine, as evidenced Tuesday when he sprinted up and down the court for 15 minutes after practice to improve his conditioning.

But plantar fasciitis is a tricky injury and there's no guarantee it won't come back sometime during the final three weeks of the regular season.

"Every morning when I wake up and don't feel that pain, it's a bright spot," Noah said after catching his breath. "You wake up in the morning and are always scared that you're going to get that horrible feeling where you feel like you can hardly walk, knowing that you have a game that same day, going to push against those big bodies.

"(Plantar fasciitis) is no joke, especially because running is a big part of my game. When I don't have that, it's tough. I feel pretty good right now and have just got to keep it up."
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