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I hate to see such emphasis put on these summer league games. I don't think I can handle anymore of the ESPN Bulls Boards, there are just too many users who don't know what they are talking about on there. One loss in the Revue and they conclude that we need to overhaul the team and trade our whole roster.

I'm impressed with Eddy's progress, and I wish he and Tyson would get better conditioned. They need to be able to run the floor in the 2nd half and utilize their athleticism (especially Tyson). The only thing I'm really worried about is Eddy's defense. I hope he makes vast improvements this season.

Jamal is such a likeable character, I really hope he turns out to be an all-around player like he's capable of being. His shooting is streaky, so with a little tweaking and conditioning he could be a sharp-shooter. All this jive about him not taking it to the hole is bogus. Just because he doesn't dunk on heads doesn't make him a weenie.

JWill is a definite pro. There's no doubting his potential as an All-Star point guard in the next few years. His jumper is nice, he sees the floor VERY well, and has great handles.

Good to see Bags is still trying. I, like most of you, would like to see him in a different uniform in some other country, but he's trying (lol). The guy is 7 feet tall or he would have never made the YMCA men's league.

Hassell is just a godsend. This team needed a guy like him so bad with the exit of Ron Artest. Our perimeter defense is a notch or two better because of him. Now if we could only beef up inside.. and hopefully in a few years Baxter can supply that for us. He's definitely not a long term answer as a starting forward, but he'll be good off the bench (much like a Mason or Oakley before they developed jumpshots).

Guyton is one of my favorite players, and I wish he could stay, but I just don't see it happening. He'd ride the injured list all season again, and that's not fair to him. There's room in this league for guys like him (ex: Bobby Jackson, BJ Armstrong, Steve Kerr, etc.) and I hope somebody picks him up if we can't hold onto him.

Norm Richardson was a guy that I was real happy about obtaining in the Indiana trade.. but I'm starting to wonder about him. He's not athletically blessed in comparison to current day NBA guards. He's not the brightest of players (charging all night). I think he's got skills, but we don't need to wait around for him, and I don't think we will.

Let's just hope for a veteran guy inside, like Keon. If not Keon, maybe somebody a little older and has been around. Not a strong personality like Oakley, though. We need a guy who is content with teaching and being a 6th man or a dirty worker. I don't know who this guy would be, since I don't know all the players personalities in the league.

Overall - Even though we lost tonight, the guys led by 16 in the first half and I think we only lost due to conditioning and some tough calls. I don't care about W's and L's so much in the summertime.. the main thing is that these guys gel and really learn how to be good basketball players. They are all athletic, and they are all rich (lol).. now learn to play ball together and you can be SUCCESSFUL!

Go Bulls!
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