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They want to talk long-term deal with Taj Gibson, reports Aggrey Sam at

Gibson, who will be a free agent following next season, is highly coveted around the league, but the Bulls believe he fits into their future plans, so in the fashion of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, there is hope that a deal can be reached prior to the beginning of the regular season.

I think he'd command about $8-10 million on the open market next season given nominal improvement this year.

As such, if I were Gar, I would offer Taj his choice of:
4 years, $28 million
3 years, $23 million

If he wants the guaranteed money a year earlier, he should take a trim. I could see them settling on something like 4-years, $30 million when all is said and done. Will be interesting to follow how this all plays itself out.

I view Taj as directly competing for the starting job this year, and then Mirotic's to try and win when he finally comes over. I think it is very likely that Taj will be the starter in at least two out of the next four seasons, so that money would actually be a good value contract as an average starter at the position.

I actually wouldn't mind this rotation in the frontcourt:
Gibson (30), Boozer (12), Radmanovic (6)
Noah (32), Boozer (12), Milicic (4)

Boozer has proven capable against opposing C, and he should be able to do just fine against backup bigs. Good enough on offense to be able to take advantage of the mismatch, and is strong enough not to get overpowered with size on the inside. The bench is going to need some scoring, and Boozer could be the guy to fill that role this year.

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Hope to get Taj at a 4-year, $28M extension. Fair for both sides, and prevents an insane offer from another team next year. IMO, Taj is far more important to this team than Asik.
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