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Bye Bye Andre

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well, I for one am not happy as of the end of the draft... obviously the pick of Wagner means either Andre or Ricky are gone... probably Andre. Why, O Why, not take Butler? Do the Cavs really think they will get the #1 next year for LeBron? No way... they ain't lucky enough.

And the Boozer pick.... does this mean Mihm goes back to center? I'm not sure Boozer is the answer tho... kinda a tweener.

All I can say, is I've not been a fan of Wagner. A gunner. He's gonna have to impress me.

All I can hope for now is a trade with Andre to the Clips for Wilcox, a PG, and next year's pick or something like that....
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I loved the draft

Boozer is gonna be a very strong player at forward he's a little short at 6'8 but at a stacked 280 he can bang with any pf in the league.

Caron Butler will be a solid player in the league but Wagner has the potential to be a great player. I think Butler is a bit overated anyhow. They've said his athleticism is a bit questionable. His game is compared by most to Paul Pierce which I think which is an exageration. Pierce was much quicker in college off the dribble than butler was. Butler also had a three point percentage of under 30% from the college arc which is 3 feet shorter than the nba three pt. line. I think Butler will be a solid play in the NBA but wagners quickness and explosion will create many problems for opposing players.
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