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buy Call of Duty CP Coins Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is about to start its 4th season and a lot is likely to change in Warzone as well. Before that there is one last little update this week. There are no major changes and news waiting there but it's still worth it: At the weekend you can tap double experience points and Xzibit advertises golden carts in the best Pimp My Ride manner.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone are currently in Season 3 and Infinity Ward has announced that it will bring two new maps and a new operator into the game before Season 4. The latest update from Infinity Ward also had a big impact on cheaters and hackers. From now on the free version of Warzone has SMS authentication with a unique phone number. If a player is banned they can no longer play Call of Duty Warzone without a new phone number.

This weekend you can earn double the amount of experience points if you play the Modern Warfare multiplayer or Warzone. This time there is double XP for both the Battle Pass the weapon levels and your account levels.

Another change from Infinity Ward is currently causing displeasure among sell COD Pointsconsole players because it seems that the input latency is getting higher with every new patch and the Aim-Assist for console players has also been changed without it being mentioned in the patch notes mention. It is still unknown whether Infinity Ward did this on purpose. Call of Duty Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has launched an unusual PR campaign. By chain mail users received the first trailer for the fourth season in Warzone. Now there is a new bunker secret at Call of Duty Warzone.

Call of Duty Points is the game currency you can use this to purchase premium items including skins weapons crates operators and other items. Except farming you can buy Cheap COD Points Top Up service from
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