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thought to let you guys know, lol,
The Kings were just seconds away from having the privilege of whacking the Nets in the Finals.

Now, with a big contract for Mike Bibby on the horizon, and a whopping luxury-tax hit looming, GM Geoff Petrie plans to sit down with owners Gavin and Joe Maloof in Las Vegas this week and explore what the Kings are and aren't willing to do this summer to compete with the Lakers.

The biggest sticking point will be Bibby, whose stock soared in the playoffs. The Maloofs knew when they traded for him that Bibby would command a big contract, but now it's looking like it will be the max. The Kings have nearly $56 million committed for next season. A seven-year deal for Bibby will shove the Kings toward the mid-$60 million range in combined salaries for 2002-03.

Can they afford to sign Bibby and keep the team intact? Apparently, that's what will be decided this week.

"Say we sign Bibby for $7 million, then we're paying $10 million in the tax," Joe Maloof told the Sacramento Bee. "That's a $17 million contract in that sense. There's a certain point where you have to look at it in a business sense. You have to take the basketball hat off and put the business hat on."

For starters, expect the team to use its first-round pick in the draft on an international player it can keep overseas (and off the cap) for another year or two.

Second, don't be surprised to see the team trade a player like Doug Christie, who makes $6.25 million next season, to save some cap room. With players like Hidayet Turkoglu and Gerald Wallace waiting in the wings, it may be the Kings' only chance at staying afloat financially.

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